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"It's in this stone... I just need to bring it out"  Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475 - 1564)
Eloquence of Cinematic Expression depends on Choices that Director and Cinematographer make to relate to emotional
content of the Scene or the Moment within that Scene. Knowledge of expressive potential of tools of cinematography
(Lens, Camera, Light) is detrimental in understanding reasons for creative Choices and helps in communication with
cinematographer. Vice versa - it helps Cinematographer relate to quality of dramatic/narrative content as sought by
Director. Program relates to Cinematic Expression in two main aspects:

1. WHY (Creative)
2. HOW (Technical)

Directors and Cinematographers invited to apply.


    Day 1        
    Process of Cinematic Eloquence
    Diegetic world of Cinema
    Identifying Moments - Building Blocks of  Directorial Interpretation
    Relevance of Technical / Artistic Choices - Why and How
    Lens - Expressive qualities
                   Optical and "Psychological" Attributes
                   Choice of Lens - relation to quality of emotion to be described
                   Depth of Field - Focal Length - Aperture
                   Focal Length - Perspective Distortion - Visual Dynamics
    Day 2
    Camera Eloquence - Position, Angle, Movement
                   Reasons and Motivations
    Color - Meaning of Color and Color Contrasts -
               Relation to emotional conten of  the Scene
               Colors of Chakra - Spiritual Symbolism
    Dialogue - Director / Cinematographer

    Day 3
    Light and Lighting - Elements of Cinematic Mood - Demonstration/Hands-on
    Light Quality - Ambiance versus Key Light
    Lighting Style - Aesthetics and Mood relevance
    Lighting Ratio and Contrast Ratio - Level of Cinematic Drama
                   Key Light  - Ambiance - Lighting Setup (Broad / Narrow)
                   Direction of Key Light - Mood and Style relevance
                   F-stop as "Scene Canvas"
             Low Key Scene Challenge
                   Determination of the Scene F-stop
                   Creating with Camera and Light from Previsualization
                   Method and Elements of Low Key Challenge
                   Night / Interior - Candle Light
                   Correlation between Lighting Style and Lighting Mood

    This workshop is available as an Individual
    Day and / or Evening classes.
    Please contact us about Date and Time

    Workshop Date:

    Jun 24 - 25 - 26, 2017

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