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    Cinematography Workshop - Light Extreme
    Film and Video Cinematography Workshop - Florence, Italy 2009
"Technique is of no Value unless supported by an Idea"

Two Weeks of Cinematography and Advanced Lighting Techniques in Film Studio in Florence.
Combination of Film and Digital Video Cinematography. Taught by award cinematographer
Janusz Sikora who teaches
filmmaking at the University of Southern California and Dreamworks Studios. Students are encouraged to bring their own ideas
as they will have chance to explore both Artistic and Technical aspects of their interpretation within professional environment of
a Film Stage in Florence. Program is a unique undertaking in that it covers both Technical and Artistic aspects of Cinematic
Expression. As such, Program aspires to make contribution to student's sense of eloquence in cinematic expression.
Set building and set lighting
Film Camera - 16mm and 35mm - Movement, Focus Pull, Operating Techniques
Video Camera - Introduction to REDCAM system
Scene Lighting and Logistics of Scene execution
Creative Lighting - Chiaroscuro
Much more challenging than Candle Light  -
Night Table Lamp situation presents necessity to
adhere to logic in relationship of Highlights
between face and in-frame light source
Limbo Lighting
Creative Video Lighting
Exterior - Natural Light Control
Motion Picture Film Lab Processing
Marco gives a tour of the Lab and explains Film Processing