Zone System and Cam Matrix
Chiaroscuro Lighting
South Bay Newport Beach, California

Small groups. Limited to five students.

Workshop teaches the essence of Technical and Creative aspects of cinematic expression in Film and Video
Being able to light without help of monitor enables one to engage in true nature of creative process where  creativity relates to execution of  "mind
image" conceived prior to entering the floor. This workshop is about realization of Dramatic Film Look in Video through demonstration and hands-on
with camera and light. Students light with Light meter with Camera and Monitor switched off.  
Once Lighting is done Camera and Monitor are switched on and result compared to that of the mind image. Dancing with Light  technique
guarantees exact match between both. Workshop teaches the essence of Technical and Artistic aspects of cinematic expression.
Main Areas of concentration:    
Film Look    Dancing with Light    Cinematic Expression
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Three-Day  Cinematic Expression Workshop. Newport Beach, California 2014
Intermediate / Advanced Level
Please specify  workshop date and see  workshop schedule
Venue: Perfect Video  
starts 9:30AM
    Day 1
    Demonstration / Hands on
    Video Camera Menu System
    Video Cine Gamma - Waveform Placement of 18% Grey Card
    Digital Camera Matrix - Picture Profile
    Gama, Detail, Knee, Color
    Video Camera ASA Equivalent - Lighting with Light Meter
    Zone System of Exposure  - Video and Film application
    Dancing with Light Technique
    Creative Lighting - Low Key - Chiaroscuro
    Lighting - Mood and Relevant Styles
    Lighting Setup - Broad/Narrow
    Creating Scene from previsualization - Candle Light

    Day 2
    Epic REDCAM Demo - Menus and Workflow
    Hands-on with Epic REDCAM
    Lighting  for RedCam   with Light  Meter
    Creating Scene from Previsualization                     

            Day 3
    REDCAM Workflow
    Conversion for offline editing
             REDCAM File Organization
     Storage Medium
     Aspect Ratio / Frame Dimensions and Resolution
     Scanning Method / Color Recording Method
     Finishing and Outputting REDCODE Proj
    Exterior/Natural Light Control
    Control of Contrast Ratio
    Lighting Ratio / Negative Fill
    With the Sun versus Against the Sun
    "Changing Sun Direction"
    Control of Overexposed Background
    Day for Night Technique

    It's a Wrap          
    Certificate of Accomplisment
Creative ENG