Truly international...truly friends

From left to right:

Eleanor - Norway
Cheryl - Hawai
Elisabeth - Ireland
Joseph - France
Robert - South Africa
Rami - Jerulasem
Christopher - Lebanon
Artistic lighting from previsualization with light meter. No help of the monitor.
Exercises in Low Key, Narrow Lighting Setup - Chiaroscuro Style. Dynamic and static motivated Lighting.  
Application of Zone System of Exposure in Video expression.
Nicola Baldini from demonstrates and explains workings of CAM RED. Workflow and Menu.
Sensitometry. Zone System of Exposure in Video. Characteristic Curves Compared.
Lecture and Demo by Flavio Trezzi - Divisional Manager
FujiFilm Italia
(Not the "taking" lens of course)
Advanced commercial product lighting techniques
Exterior light control at Michelangelo Piazza. Sunbouce California equipment is the tool for today's exterior location
filmmaker. All that we needed was brought to location on 150cc scooter Vespa.
Day for Night technique.
It's a Wrap !!! ... not for the new friendships that have been made ! ... :)
... and we do not say No to good candid
... and thank you guys for the great time we all had together ... Janusz