Adaptive Challenge - The Theory Behind the Practice
Adaptive Challenge - The gap between the values people thrive for and their current lack of capacity to realize those values.
(Harvard Business Press)

    It is our ambition and purpose to make contribution to student's sense of eloquence in Cinematic Expression. ( LX)

    In many respects Cinematic Sequence compares to a Symphony where each instrument playing its own - individual part  constitutes of
    greater, cohesive entity. Musical Arrangement and Tempo determine closeness of the interpretation to the Theme. Similarities between
    Creative Processes in Film and Music are obvious.
    In the process of creative cinematography, instruments at our disposal are the Elements of Cinematic Expression. The design of
    Cinematic Sequence needs to be of Organic nature if it is to relate to visual narrative of the scene. This can be only achieved when
    directorial and cinematography Choices are psychologically motivated and homogeneous in nature... One wrong element causes effect
    similar to that of false tune in music. To play in tune means Director's and Cinematographer's choices need to serve common purpose in
    how they relate to the quality to be described.
    For most artists, beginning of artistic processes starts with identifying of a gap existing between the concept and its materialization.
    Since the time of Renaissance, artists would engage in workshops to learn technique and method of the process that would allow
    them to expand into the realm of subjective expression.
    Light Extreme addresses the issue of "gap" existing between the abstract of the concept of and its materialization in the form of
    cinematic narrative.

    Program seeks relationship between abstract of the concept and the artistic/technical Choices for it's expression.
    It emphasizes relevance of the Choice, paying attention to the balance between Aesthetics and Meaning.  As prerogative element of
    the process - Visual Eloquence - demands the Choice to be subservient to the Idea.
    In order to relate to visual concept in a material way Light Extreme draws on History of Art, Psychology of Perception, Symbolism,
    Composition, Mood, Meaning of Color
    Program puts great deal of emphasize on "psychological attributes" of tools of cinematography:
    Lens, Camera Movement, Quality of Light, Lighting Style. In its practical application program deals with the Logistics of
    Creative Process (technical aspect) where it explores organic nature of the process - Aesthetic Validity of Choices as an imperative
    element of the method regardless of the encountered situation.
    At the core of the method is Dancing with Light Technique which enables Cinematographer to materialize on film or video the exact
    reflection of mind image with accuracy that limits post-correction to general tweaks of color and density.
    Main concern of the Workshop is to enable student to light from previsualization rather than improvising from video monitor.
    Special emphasis is put on the Narrative Relevance of Choices made by Director and Cinematographer and application of tools of
    cinematography in executing of those Choices.  
    Oftentimes, inadequacy in addressing the issue of logistics in the process of lighting by cinematography instructors in Film Schools
    causes great number of students experiencing mind block on the film set. This is a result of mistreatment of Lighting in not addressing
    of its Organic Nature which always consists of the same building blocks regardless of the situation and / or location. If understood as
    such, lighting becomes straightforward, logical and simple.
    Michelangelo described the nature of Creative Process in most eloquent way: "It's in this stone, I just need to bring it out".
    In addition, students are given demonstrations of number of specialized Lighting Techniques including:
    Dramatic Chiaroscuro, Commercial Product Lighting (Glass, Metal, White on White, Black on Black), Special Effects Lighting (Candle and
    Night Table Light), Interview and Exterior / Natural Light Control.

    Workshops are for Film and Video Directors and Cinematographers aspiring to cross over the mundane and into the Realm of Artistic
    and Eloquent Visual Interpretation.