Cinematic Expression
In many instances cinematic sequence compares to a
Symphony, where each instrument in playing its individual part
constitutes of the quality of the whole. Instruments chosen
and their arrangement determine closeness of interpretation
to the Theme.  Similarities between Creative Processes in Film
and Music are obvious. In creative cinematography,
instruments at our disposal are the Elements of Cinematic
To play in tune means applied cinematic choices relate to  It is
up to Director's and Cinematographer's discretion that choices
made relate to the quality of the emotion to be described.
Since the whole Imaging System of Film and Video is based on the value of
18% Reflectance Grey Card understanding of Zone System of Exposure is of
great importance in creative cinematography. Creative process is about
ability to light from the mind rather then by the video monitor.
Michelangelo related to the nature of creative process in most eloquent way:
" It's in this stone, I just need to bring it out "
In cinematography, lighting without familiarity of the logistics in the process is
only a short lived improvisation due to the inevitability of running out of time
and / or loss of Lighting Continuity.
"Technique is of no value, unless supported by an Idea"