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Design of Cinematic Sequence needs to be Organic if it is to relate to emotional and/or intellectual content of the scene. This can only
happen when elements chosen are of homogeneous nature.
One wrong choice causes effect similar to a false tone in music.
"Dancing with Light" technique addresses technical and creative aspects of Cinematic Expression. It is an expanded into motion and
color version of Ansel Adams' method of Zone System of Exposure and Previsualization. Zone System is a foundation of the technique that
helps materialising mind images on film or video via process of relating imagined brightnesses to zones of exposure.
After calibrating Video Camera (Menu System/Picture Profile)) and arriving with video camera ASA / ISO equivalent (Waveform Monitor)
lighting process is executed with the Light Meter. During the process, Mind Image is deconstructed into elements of cinematic expression:
Light, Exposure, Lens, Color, Composition, Camera Angle/Movement and, captured on film/video as its physical reflection.
Once accomplished, camera and monitor are switched on to compare the resulting Image with the one in Mind.
Dancing with Light Technique guarantees exact translation of Mind Image into that of Film and / or Video.
Janusz designed "Dancing with Light" technique and taught it at University of Southern California, University of California, Dreamworks.
Every summer, Light Extreme conducts "Dancing with Light" Film/Video Workshop in Florence, Italy.

Dancing with Light at
During Process of  Previsualisation, imagined  Mood is deconstructed into
exposure values of its two main elements:  
Ambiance, Key.
Those values are then expressed in terms of Zones of Exposure. The same
applies to any brightness in the scene which means that every nuance of
the scene is under cinematographer's control.

Zone V exposure renders color at its reflective value regardless whether in
B&W or Color and thus reproduces its inherent luminance value.
Color separation in B&W is dealt with the old fashion way - Lighting.Of
course there are nuances in Color rendition related to Color Balance of Film.
Tungsten Balanced emulsion renders Warm colors brighter and with less
saturation and Daylight Balanced emulsions render Cool color similar way.
Janusz Sikora 2013
"It's in this stone... I just need to bring it out"  Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475 - 1564