The Cradle Of The Renaissance - Florence, was the site of
incredible activity in art, architecture, literature, and
philosophy triggering the advent of the Renaissance for the
Western world. From the dome that Brunelleschi created
for the Santa Maria del Fiore to the works of Michelangelo,
Cellini, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Ghiberti, and de
Medici, Florence's culture flourished. Historic advances in
the arts transformed the city into a living museum that it  
remains today.
"It's in this stone... I just need to bring it out"  Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475 - 1564)   
                      Cinematic Expression - Florence, Italy 2019
                    Three Days - Cinematic Expression Workshop


    Elements of Cinematic Expression:
            Light and Lighting  
            Lighting Style and Mood Implications
            Light Direction - Style - Mood
            Optical and Psychological Attributes
            Focal Length, Depth of Field, Perspective Distortion
    Exposure -
            Zone System of Exposure - Film and Video
            Grey Card - Meaning,
            Light Meter (Incident / Reflected / Spot  - When / Why)
    Dialogue - Director / Director of Photography
            Camera Operating Techniques
     Monitor Calibration
            Waveform  / Vectorscope
            Expressive quality of types of Color Contrasts
             Log and RAW.  ISO Choice versus Latitude
             Zone System of Exposure in Film and Video
             First Scene from previsualisation
             Dancing with Light
             Creative Low Key - Chiaroscuro
             Methodology of Mood Creation
             High Key/Low Key -  Broad/Narrow Setup
             Night / Int - Candle Light
             Dynamic Low Key for Actor's Movement
       Advanced Lighting and Exposure
             Creative Dramatic Lighting from previsualization - Low Key
             Chiaroscuro, Suspense, Mystery, Dynamic Low Key
             Motivated Lighting
             Special Effect Lighting:
             Candle Light, Table Lamp Night Interior
        Exterior Light Control - Sunbounce California
                   Day Trip to Michelangelo Piazza.
Against the Sun, Edge, "Changing Direction of Sun",
             Lighting Styles with Natural Light,
             Control of overexposed background
             Day for Night Technique

    *It's a Wrap*

    Certificates of Accomplishment

Workshop Dates:      July 5 - 6 - 7, 2019  Three full days workshop

Venue:   Fondazione Studio Marangoni,  Via S. Zanobi 32r -50129 Firenze                  tel. +39 055 280368
Payment Option
Lodging suggestion: Plus Hostel Florence
Nice and friendly place within 7 minutes walking
distance from the workshops. For those in need of
exclusivity Florence is a tourist destination offering
hundreds of any level hotels which are easy to book

Workshops Limited to Eight Students

                                    Desert Sunbouncing

    Workshop is designed for the "new age" digital video cinematographers in that it concentrates on application of film aesthetics and
    method into the language of Digital. Lighting from previsualization with light meter defines the true nature of Creative Process in
    Cinematography. Preconceived F-stop for any scene, constitutes a "cinematic canvas" to be painted on with light.
    Part of the process involves direct referencing of the mind image in order to "translate" its imagined light values into the values of Grey
    from within the Zone System of exposure. Once cinematographer enters the floor, it is all about execution of the preconceived Idea
    rather than improvisation. Any other approach to visual story telling is bound to fail for the inevitability of loosing lighting continuity
    within few consecutive camera setups. Dancing with Light Technique  enables one to engage in true nature of creative process and
    start creating based on mind image without help of the monitor.

    Areas of concentration: Cinematic Expression   Film Look   Dancing with Light Technique  
    Anyone with desire to enter  "Realm of Beyond" in Visual Expression - Cinematographers, Videographers, Directors,  Gaffers,
    Cameramen - encouraged to apply.