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    I hope  we  keep in touch   as you journey through life with Light and Camera.

     Aug 24, 2017
name = Koya Yokoyama
email =
country = Japan
comments = I attended a Cinematic Expression for Cinematographers.
That was so amazing and beneficial time. I was surprised how important a light is after listening to Janusz class. Thanks!

May 20. 2017
name = Patrick G Barraza
email =
company = USA
comments = I cannot thank Janusz enough for such an incredibly comprehensive, hands on work shop. His dedication
to the fundamentals of lighting are essential to an aspiring cinematographer, however the insight he provided into the mindset
of a cinematographer must exist in was absolutely priceless. Janusz has introduced to me a new way of thinking about
the craft! From new materials of inspiration to one of a kind techniques on approaching specific lighting challenges. I have
received countless pieces of knowledge that I will be immediately applying to my work, from Janusz's Cinematic Expression class.
Thank you a thousand times, Janusz!

Aug 29, 2016
name = Andy Chen
email =
Country= united states
comments = I've been professionally freelancing in the video world for the past few years and for the first time after taking this
workshop, I feel like I have a good grasp on all the technical aspects of creative lighting. I feel like in this day and age with our  
high tech cameras and advanced color grading /editing software, the art of lighting is becoming more commonly overlooked.
Janusz's workshop teaches everything from the fundamentals to advanced techniques to light accurately and creatively for
high drama and emotion emphasis! Perfect for anyone who wants to have a step ahead in the world of cinematography.

         Aug 1, 2016
name = Marina
email =
Country = Brazil
I did the beginner workshop with Janusz and I can say that it was really great! I learned a lot
about lightning and Im pretty sure I'll be able to apply it in my job in Brazil! The workshop is totally worth it!
Besides, Janusz is a very nice guy!

        Feb 23, 2016
If you truly want to know how to shoot works of art, you must learn from a master. Studying with Janusz Sikora is the way
to advance your cinematic expressions! - Rich W., Virginia

Sep 18, 2015
Janusz is a throwback to the golden age of film, when cinematographers were both artist and artisan. He has a vast           
understanding of the tools and methods of motion picture photography, and is enthusiastic about sharing them with anyone
who truly wants to learn.
Mychal Simka (writer/director/producer "A Mouse Tale", "Birds of Paradise", "Wings: Skyforce Heroes")

Sep 20, 2014 Elmotuasam Aziz
Dear Janusz,
I simply wanted to articulate that I found your workshop in Florence, Italy very informative and really touching on        
some secrets of the craft. I really appreciate your level of humbleness, patience and professionalism throughout my
full stay. Your hospitality was awesome and your teaching is exemplary.  Thank you for everything, the workshop
was very worthwhile. Honestly, your workshop made all the difference and I gained valuable knowledge which have
started to implement in my classes and it has made all the difference, and for that I again would like to thank you.
Best Regards,
E. Aziz

July, 2013
Hi Janusz,
    Thank you for your newsletter. It's great to know what you have been doing. I didn't know you were away
    from LA for two years. I like the workshop very much in Jordan at the Red Sea Institute. Amazing.
         I'm thinking a lot about the workshop in Florence and the skills and wise suggestions you have given me.
I hope you are doing very well and I hope we are able to meet or even work in the near future.

    Christopher Kechichian
    Beirut, Lebanon        
    September 24, 2012
    Dear Janusz,
    There are no words that describe how much I enjoyed and how much this workshop was
    useful and informative. I want to thank you for giving me such priceless information, tips and techniques.
    Regards, Christopher

    July 18, 2011
    Dear Janusz,
    It's been a long time!! I hope that you are fine and that all is well. I wanted to thank you personally for the knowledge
    you shared with me and your mentoring on very important themes during our workshop in Florence Italy 20010.
    Training with you was a great inspiration and i'm very thankful for your teaching!
    Wishing you the best,            
    Emile Issa     (Beirut, Lebanon)           

    Apr 4, 2011
    Hi Janusz,
    I'm going to try to put this into words but it certainly won't do
    justice...  The session I just finished with you was beyond tremendous. As good as the first one was a few years ago, this one
    topped it.  Your care, your knowledge, your style- all have been so valuable to me in my growth as a filmmaker.  Now here is the
    proof- I had a shoot yesterday (just four days after we worked together) and light meter in hand, I approached this production
    differently than those in the past.  I'm seeing the scene with a whole new light.  I shot a "moon lit" nightmare scene right out of
    our workshop.  And when I played it back for my client, they gave
    me the ultimate compliment - "it looks like a movie".
    The conversations we shared, the time we spent is invaluable.
    I greatly appreciate everything and look forward to more conversations and growth.
    With great thanks,
    Steven Hacker Films

    Mar 27, 2011
    I am Ibrahim Al-Otaibi, I am a technical field producer in MBC Group TV STATION located in Dubai. I just wanted to take a
    moment to write to you to express my thanks for the extra efforts you gave in the cinematography workshop you recently
    instructed. You're an awesome instructor - full of energy and patient with the learning process. The workshop was empowering
    and inspirational .I super enjoyed your workshop and learned a lot of new skills to work on in such a short time and now am
    looking at everything in a new angle, Thank you for such a positive experience, I truly got a lot out of this workshop and Please
    know you left a very positive mark.
    Best wishes and please stay in touch always:)

    Mar 19, 2011
    Hi Janusz,
    I am still much in awe in class so you don't see me say much, but the workshop with you has been one of the
    most beautiful learning  experiences I have ever had. I must say every testimonial on your website is true to its word.
    We can arrange some workshops in India.
    Wish you all the very best...:-)
    I am sure something great will work out for you.
    (Do read through Janusz's website and the testimonials)

    Dec 25, 2010
    André Perron  DP
    Montreal, Canada
    Janusz will not tell you "how" to light. Janusz will not tell you exactly "where" to put your lamps. Instead, he wil give           you
    the tools to be a better artist. Leave all of your lighting habits at home and open your mind to a different way to work with the
    light. And most of all, listen to the man, ask questions, be as curious as possible about how the light can be a real creative
    material and talk about it. Janusz might be the key for your passage from "technician" to "artist".
    And once again, be sure to listen to the man: he knows...
    Thanks again for everything Janusz...!

    Jul 20, 2010
    Dear Janusz
    I hope you're well. Only last year you taught me how to light and I've greatly benefitted from your training. Since then much has
    happened. First of all; the feature documentary Child of Giants, that I worked on as a second unit cinematographer got officially
    selected at the San Francisco Film Festival and will premier there on October 17, 2010. I've been offered to DP a 20 page short
    film at the beginning of September.
    Best Wishes,  Martina

    Jul 4, 2010
    Hi Janusz, wish I were going to Florence!  Have a wonderful time.  Enjoyed the newsletter with lighting for wine.  Would love to
    see an overhead view of the lighting. Steve Hacker

    Jun 18, 2010
    Hello Janusz,
    I found your workshop very good and it gave me an insight with a different approach and a reconditioning in what I have been
    doing for a whole year at NYFA. The concept of lighting from out of your imagination and not using a camera until the exercise
    was executed has been a great  Comprehending experience for me and I had the feeling that there had to be a mutual trust
    between me and the light. I would love to work with you on one of your future project or eventually help you on a workshop.
    Thanks Again for the great four days !

    May 7, 2010
    Hi Janusz, good to hear from you and thank you for this en”light”ening newsletter.  Excellent information! Want to catch you up
    on what I’ve been doing.  I am thrilled to tell you that the lighting seminar I took with you two years ago has been so useful to me
    that I owe you a tremendous gratitude.  I’ve been doing documentary and commercial work that your techniques come through
    loud and clear- You have changed the way I light and the way I see light.  Also have another Cleveland filmmaker who wants me
    to DP his 2nd feature.  Things are progressing!
    Steve   Steven Hacker Productions (Broadcast)

    Feb 5, 2010
    After working several years as ENG camera operator in The Netherlands, i lately started to feel i missed some richness in my
    work and somehow i knew it was the lighting. I've read lots of books about lighting, I had bought my own lightkit, and somehow it
    still felt like i was gambling just a little bit... So since going to the one and only Filmacademy we have in Holland is nearly
    impossible, i started to search over the internet for a hands on training and found Janusz.
    Looking back i realized this workshop really is all you need to learn understanding the light. I don't want to sound like a TellSell
    salesman, but I'd recommend this workshop for a 100% to all the people who seriously want to become a cinematographer.
    After the workshop you'll know how to light your scene exactly the way it's lit in your mind, what light actually is and what it can
    do, but most important: You'll know what you're doing, which means you don't need a monitor anymore!
    Once again, thank you Janusz for this wonderful workshop and time that i will never forget, i think I'll take a flight now and see
    where Emiel is hanging out...
    Best wishes,
    Artyom Zakharenko

    Jan 25.10
    Hello Janusz,
    First of all thanks again for the workshop and your great teaching.
    After having worked as a news-cameraman for three years in The Netherlands, the feeling that I wanted to learn more about
    lighting was getting stronger every day. Studying cinematography at a film school in Hollywood seemed like a good idea to me.
    The problem was that after having spend the first semester there, I still had no clue how to start lighting a simple scene. Being
    quite disappointed by the huge amount of money I spend on this and not feeling satisfied at all, I decided to quit the school and
    started looking around for other possibilities. Luckily a friend send me the link to the Light Extreme website. Doing the 5 day
    workshop was definitely the best decision I made during my time in Los Angeles. Janusz helped me to approach lighting in a
    whole different way than I did before. He actually made me think about lighting a scene, instead of just trying what might look
    good on the monitor.
    As Janusz said himself; he opened the doors for me and now I feel ready to fly out on my own.
    Thank you for the good times,
    Emiel Spoelder

    Nov 15, 09
    Florence, Italy
    Janusz is one of the best teacher I’ve ever met in my life. his workshosps are not just the opportunity to relate yourself with a
    professional cinematographer with a huge experience: Janusz knows  perfectly how to get across students the essence of his
    knowledge and how to bring out of them their specific talents. And the “dancing  with lights” approach is really a great tool to
    interpretate light, photography and reality. I’ll definitly recommend his workshop to everyone is interested in cinematography
    and movies.
    Thank you Janusz, I’m really grateful to you, and I’m so happy to be  
    your friend!
    Tommaso Pitta

    Nov 1, 2009
    The course of Cinematographer Janusz Sikora in Florence, Italy was an experience I never had before. Instead of being taught
    by a teacher that studied at a University we were taught by a real die hard Director of Photography that saw us not just as
    students but as full count crew members. The studio we were working with was always available to try things out, and the crazier
    the ideas, the more excited Janusz became. My story was set in the windy cold mountains in a tent. We took the storm machine
    and a tent in a white painted studio where we could simulate the cold mountains. It worked. The vision in my head had been
    magically created on 35mm film and was suddenly visible for others.
    Most directors or Cinematographers that are geniuses in their work are not able to explain what they do in order to archive what
    they want. That’s why we have teachers and critics to explain them. But Janusz Sikora can tell like no other what he does in
    order to create a special atmosphere. I put this light here because it gives an extra shadow. This is something you don’t see
    much and what helped me a lot by understanding the process of creating. This is the main reason why every filmmaker should
    consider learning with Janusz Sikora.
    And there was never something that was impossible to do. He was hard on the class sometime, like cooks are in the kitchen, but
    in this way he treated them on a professional level.  Janusz was always open to our ideas and was able to make them better or
    to say what was wrong with them, not only as a cinematographer but also but also as a director. That was very helpful as I want
    to go in that direction with my filmmaking. It was a very intense course, very intense but it was unbelievable how much I learned
    through the experience.
    In addition to the technical aspect of the course there was always time to learn from Janusz from his experience, and from the
    problems students had with filmmaking before.
    How coming into the filmbussines?
    Dancing with light: Having the basic set up where you can dance around after had a huge impact on me as did learning how to
    look at light in film and how to tell more powerful stories.  I left the course with a new dimension in making films. I had to change
    my storyboard and script but was happy to make these changes. From the intense course I made notes that I will carry with me
    wherever I go. I can recommend the course of Mr. Janusz Sikora dancing with the light to everyone that is not afraid to learn
    cinematography or directing in a different and more effective way then most of the universities and film schools.  
    This is for you Janusz. Thank you forever.
    Rogier van Beeck Calkoen,

    June 9, 2009
    Dear Janusz
    Sorry for only getting around to thanking you for the incredibly  
    helpful days at your personal lighting workshop. You've really changed and inspired my thinking about light and given me so
    much more confidence when it comes to lighting.
    Many thanks again for your wonderful teaching.
    It's greatly appreciated and has enriched me for life.

    Mar 9, 2009
    My friend Janusz,
    When I get back to New York I felt the ambience in me is so different. I'm so proud of what I've learned from your very classic
    treasure teaching. At first I could'nt believe of myself of what I accomplished from your very intellegent way of knowledge in the
    field of Cinematography. Yes, everywhere is light and light is powerful. That's how I fell now because you have given me a
    GREEN LIGHT and that is my KEY lights. It's an inspiration and confidence. Thank you very much for your professionalism and
    thank you for signing an autograph on my book, I always cherish it. The five days workshop with you is one my greatest
    achievement in Hollywood. Hope to see you again...
    Your friend,
    Arlen Lorico    New York

    Feb, 2009
    Hi Janusz,
    Just to let you know that I am now back in New York and took home with me valuable information about lights and lighting. I
    thank you very much for your passion in teaching. The workshop was all worth it. I must say that I have learned, or should I say,
    trained my eyes to see the world around me differently. I no longer see just "things" but rather see "reflections" of light. The
    world around me becomes even more beautiful. I can now light any sets, from simple to the most complex. Your basic , yet
    classic, approach to ligthing is timeless.  
    I strongly recommend this workshop. I also suggest that film students MUST and SHOULD set aside, or "debunk" all their film
    school lighting knowledge, such as the lighting 101 3 point lighting techniques, because its all about the gray card, the
    ambience and the key lights. If a student wants to learn lights, forget film schools, just attend the Dancing with Lights workshop.
    Joe M. Quintana

    New York Director   Feb, 2009
    Janusz, I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion with me.  I learned more in the four hours we spent
    together than the entire year I spent at Film School.  I also want to thank you for enduring my ignorance of light.  Your passion
    is contagious and I will be back for more.  -Daniel D.

    July16, 2008
    Dear Janusz,
    I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop.
    You make me feel comfortable, the first minute the workshop started and from there, I had a great experience working with a
    true professional passionate about his craft. As you may have noticed, I am myself passionate about improving my skills to
    provide always better production value. In 2 days, you were able to give me the key to be able to create the kind of lighting that
    I envision, but that I had avoided because I could not create it properly. Now as you said, I feel that I could light anything I want it
    with the precision, the mood and the quality that we could find in the top Hollywood productions. Thank you to give me that
    Best Regards,
    Jean-Louis H.H. Ziesch, CLVS, CCVS, CME
    Managing Director
    HD Media Group 410 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 925
    Chicago, IL 60605
    Tel:  312-588-9377
    Fax: 312-588-1579
    Member of NATPE, IDA, IFP, LA Film Independent, DCS

    June 10, 2008
    Mr. Sikora,
    You Sir are without doubt, as I said earlier, the most intriguing person I have ever met. The Lecture and Workshop were very
    amazing in as far as seeing how lighting in the real world goes and the skill it takes to replicate it on film. There's a lot we take
    for granted using digital lighting these days and we fail to realize just how complex and yet simple lighting can be. Most of us
    have got straight into digital lighting without ever having even held stage Light. However, far more interesting than the lecture
    itself, was your philosophy, your thoughts and your obvious passion for your art. And if I take anything
    away from your class, I will take this….. Follow the heart and not let the intellect get in the way.
    Thank you, for the time you gave to a bunch of digital artists from India
    Lennard    TATA - India

    June 9, 2008 - India
    Hello Mr Janusz!
    My name is Paritosh , and i am an senior character animator with TaTa in Bombay, India. though i only deal with character
    animation pretty much all the time , but your class about cinematography and lighting was a wonderful experience for me, your
    experience speaks for itself and i was absolutely spell bound by you knowledge on the subject and your way of describing an
    emotion and the moment of the scene, i would love to learn more about that and specially how to 'milk a moment' so that i can
    apply some of that in my characters. if you can tell me some of the websites or if you have some written stuff of your own  , i
    would be grateful if you could share that. Once again thanks a lot
    paritosh kumawat   TATA  Bombay, India

    June 9, 2008 - India
    Mr. Janusz
    Thank you for the Amazing Workshop
    Nitai: "The Supreme Personality of Godhead is the Supreme Soul, and He has no beginning. He is transcendental to the
    material modes of nature and beyond the existence of this material world. He is perceivable everywhere because He is self-
    effulgent, and by His self-effulgent luster the entire creation is maintained."
    Sandeep S Hiray
    TATA - India

    June 9, 2008 - India
    Mr Janusz
    This is Suresh  we have enjoyed a lot with u class and we have learn so many things that we have seen but don't know how to
    play with them. We have lot many things about light before coming here we just think the lighting is very simple to understand
    but after the  class we understand we have lot many things to know about the light. Anyway once again from all of us were very
    thankful for the class.
    K.Suresh    TATA Bombay India

    Apr 2008
    Hello my friend Janusz,
    I want to thank you for the wonderful two days at your workshop.  In the very first few minutes of day one, I knew right away- this
    was going to be a tremendous, hands-on session.  And it was!  Your personable approach, knowledge (and a lot of patience!)
    made it a very rewarding and important learning experience for me. Eager to utilize everything I learned during the two-day
    seminar, I'm already implementing many of these fabulous techniques.  But the most interesting phenomenon of all, is I am now
    looking a everything differently.  I'm seeing light in an entirely new way.  I thank you for that. When's the next session and what
    do you suggest for me? (I'd love to do Italy- perhaps next year)
    All the best and many thanks to you.

    May 2008
    I learned right away that what I have been doing until now has been adequate. That is no longer acceptable. Shot again today
    utilizing some of your techniques. Another time I'd love to learn product shot lighting.
    Production Companies of Steven Hacker

    Feb 2008
    Dear Janusz,
    Attending your course in Firenze was one of the most valuable experiences in my life! As I was new in this field, you,in your
    special way,made me overcame my insecurity, believe in my abilities and participate the class as equal to the other students.I
    earned so much... Thank you for your kindness and patience! Those are two very important elements for a teacher should start
    with,in my opinion.I hope I' ll have the chance to came to another workshop that you'll organize in the future!Thanks for

    Nov 17, 2007
    Individual Cinematography Workshop
    Hi Janusz
    Wanted to thank you for everything that i learnt from you about lighting. The best part of the workshop was to know how to
    observe, learn and implement from real life situations. The simplicity of lighting "complicated looks" was stunning. Thank you for
    Rajiv (Bombay, India)  

    Sep 18, 2007
    Dear Janusz,
    I wanted to thank you for your, 'Dramatic Lighting For Video', workshop. As an ENG news photographer, I am often confronted
    with extremely challenging lighting conditions. Your step by step instruction has given me a new confidence in taking on these
    challenging environments. Your passion as a lighting craftsman has been an inspiration to me.
    Frank Alli  

    Jul 6, 2007 - Germany
    Film Look Workshop - Individual
    Hey Janusz,
    I just got back from a shoot.  I'm delighted to say it was the best lighting I've ever done -- all thanks to the day I spent with you.  
    The idea of creating ambiance first and divorcing myself from a monitor was all it took to give me the freedom I needed.
    Thanks again.      Sondra Martin

    Jun 25, 2007 - Gemany
    Film Look Workshop
    Thanks for Sunday.  It was a real eye opener.  I've got 2 days of shooting next week -- I'll see what I can come up with!  
    Best wishes, Sondra  07sondra@wofentertainment.comFilm

    Dec2, 07 - France
    Hi Janusz,
    I just wanted to say thank you for this past weekend. I truly enjoyed myself and learned much more than I expected to and I
    really left feeling more confident than when I came. I hope to come back very soon to learn more and just to talk.

    Dec 30, 2006 - Mexico
    Hi Janusz, I want to say thank you.. I learnt a lot from you and I think
    often to that wonderful workshop in Florence!!!
    I just want to say that It's not easy to find a great teacher and a "gorgeous soul" like you! You taught me how to use light but at
    the same time you taught me to see the light in everything it is around me.. and this is special and unique! Someone said
    "everything is illuminated" and this is what I feel when I think to your teaching. I hope to keep in touch  and to hear from you
    soon. Happy new year and take care of you!!

    Dec 29, 2006
    Individual Workshop
    I am a photographer/editor for Univision Network in Los Angeles
    California. I had the pleasure of taking Janusz's "film look lighting for tv" workshop this past December 11th. 2006.This
    workshop change my way of looking at light. I used to light the interviews all the same way, it was a cookie cutter look, now I use
    lighting as a paintbrush and in doing so I can help enhance  the mood that the interview will convey. I strongly recommend this
    Thank you Janusz !!!!!
    Web Address -

    Oct 24, 2006
    I recently came off taking private lessons with the man, and in all honesty, I got more then I thought I would.  From the
    beginning, Janusz just got right down to it and I sincerely appreciated his no-nonsense approach into teaching me the ways of
    light and camera.  Any question I had (and I had MANY), Janusz answered with patience and detail even when my questions
    were sometimes repetitive.  Aperture is not as hard as I thought, nor as challenging.  He told me from the beginning that I could
    do what I told him I wanted to do, and for me just coming from so many people saying JUSTIN DON'T TRY, I appreciated that he
    said I could do it.  And I don't doubt that I can NOW after those lessoSo thank you Janusz.  
    I will definitely be keeping in touch and bothering you with more questions, so let's see if I can get
    that something out of the stone.
    THANKS!  justin

    Sep 9, 2006
    Dear Janusz,
    I'm Marco Danziger and have attended the four week course in Florence this summer. Thanks to your precious help.  After the
    course I have definitively removed any doubts about my future ambitions, and will pursuit a career in movie making also (if not
    mainly) because of your enthusiasm and passion which are absolutely inspiring and impossible not to share. I will now start
    attending media school here in Italy, and do as many hands on camera workshops around the world as possible, and Im also
    really eager to start shooting stuff by my own. The amazing feeling which surrounded all the work me and my friends did in
    Florence comes often back to my mind, which is when I understand that this inner pulse and urge to express myself through
    cinema is that one path I have to chose to live such feelings again.

    Aug 28, 06
    Comments - Janusz! I miss learning from you so much. I cannot fully express the extent of my nostalgia for Italy at this moment. I
    wish to stay in touch with you, and study with you in the near future. Thank you so much for your dedication to film and thank
    you for all the amazing help you gave me on my films. Hope all is well, and stay in touch! ciao~

    Comments - hello Janusz i just wanted to thank you for the 35 mm workshop is good to know that the art still lives in the soul of
    people and to find someone who appreciates soul and art as you, i learned a lot from you and i hope to keep in contact thanks
    for the spiritual lessons you gave me

    June 20, 2006 - Italy
    Comments - Hi Janusz, always your answers are very kind.
    Anyway today I enrolled for digital filmmaking , and I decided
    it especially because you will be the teacher.
    See you soon .   Salvo

    May 22, 2006
    Comments - Last week was amazing! I learned so much on the cinematographer job. I'm from Switzerland and for me, learning
    how to use a 35mm camera in Hollywood sounds like a dream. And I just lived my dream a few days ago with you Janusz. So, I
    just wanted to say thank you very much to share your knowledge and the passion you have for cameras and lights. Take care.

    May 20, 2006
    Comments - Janusz, I want to say thank you.  I respect you as a teacher, an artist and a human being.  What I learned this past
    week was invaluable. I see the importance of creating mood with light.  I found a new appreciation for the art of cinematography
    and look at it not as a technical science anymore, but more of a way to paint with light and camera movement.  I look forward to
    keeping in touch with you.  I wish you all the best.
    Ajani Fida

    May 06, 2006.  Chicago, Illinois
    Thanks Janusz,
    for sharing your lifelong passion for lighting and exposures' ability to render the full emotional palette.
    Your lighting theories and methods were by far more advanced than I'd expected from cinematography workshop.

    Mar 25, 2006. Hollywood, California
    The Cinematography class at Columbia College is one of the best classes I have ever taken. As a student, I can tell that you
    are very passionate about the work you do. Although my primary emphasis is directing I will always have an understanding and
    appreciation for light.  You taught me how to use light in such a way that it creates beauty and magic.  Thank you.
    Rocco Rodriguez, Columbia College 2006

    Dec 26, 2005.  Dominican Republic
    Dear Janusz,
    FLorence was one of the best things that happened in this year of difficulty to me. Having you as a professor was the other. I
    greatly appreciated your teachings and hope to keep in contact with you. Please send me your e mail. Happy New Year!
    Ellen Perez

    This was an awesome class! Janusz has been in the industry for over 20 years. He teaches workshops at UCLA, USC, and in
    other parts of the world. Check out his website at  You will learn so much in this class about lighting
    and composition and how to become a great filmmaker and have a lot of fun too. I highly recommend it.

    Oct 30, 2005.  Chile
    Hi Janusz !!! The cinematography class that I had with you was among the best film classes that I ever had at UCLA. As my area
    of concentration is directing when I signed up for class I had a rather vague desire to learn about the narrative function of light.
    The extraordinary link between light and the creation of mood and atmosphere was exceptionally well supported through in
    depth analysis of Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Vermeer paintings as well as with excellent examples from your personal portfolio. I
    was very interested in all the technical details of the lecture about exposure and grey scale, but the most fascinating part was to
    explore  the vital role of light in setting up the emotional tone and the feeling of a scene. Good luck with everything Janusz and I
    look forward to see you !
    Robert Popa

    Oct 5, 2005. Los Angeles
    University of Southern California (USC)
    Thanks for being a great teacher.  It was for me, probably the most professional cinema class I'd taken at USC.

    Oct 3, 2005.  Los Angeles
    University of Southern California  (USC)
    Professor Janusz, after being in your class I can honestly say I will never look at light the same way again. I respect you
    and admire as a teacher, an artist, and a true Renaissance man. Being in your class I have learned the value of submerging
    myself in Art, Music, Photography, History, many interesting areas to advance my vision. Thank you for being the intellectual
    and technical force pushing me to better and learn more. For this I am forever indebted to you. Hopefully one day I will be able
    to "make people panic" in my own way. I can't say it enough, Thank you.
    Katherine Campbell

    Sep 26, 2005. Tokyo, Japan
    Janusz I really appreciate all of the help you have given me from the first moment I sat in your class at the beginning of the year
    to these emails. I feel I have a direct channel to the deity of light. I apologize in advance, but I am sure I will continue to tax you
    with many more questions and philosophical ranting in years to come.
    Dziekuje Janusz!

    University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)  
    Prof Janusz,
    I learned a lot from your class.  I was quiet, but this was my first film class ever.  I absorbed it like a sponge. The dissection of
    the SILENCE OF THE LAMBS scene gave me chills.  It opened my eyes to things that I had never noticed before.I am very
    much into horror, and that is one of my favorite films.  I have seen it at least couple of dozen times without seeing any of the
    things that you pointed out. It only took a few seconds before I started seeing them too, and that was specially exciting. The
    technical stuff was great. I will be going a lot of lighting  set-ups long after the class ends. The best classes are the ones that go
    beyond  the technical/instructional data, and actually teach you how to think and see things that you never knew existed.  This
    was one such class.
    Thanks for a great class.  I will take some more next semester.  I hope they turn out to be as beneficial as this one was for me.
    David Covarrubias

    Sep 9, 2005. Los Angeles
    Janusz Sikora is the greatest teacher i have ever had! not only does he teach you everything he knows about meaningful
    lighting and filmmaking but he is extremely inspirational. "dancing with light" is the only way to go.  

    Aug 3, 2004
    University of Southern California (USC)
    Prof Janusz:
    I just want to say thank you again, for everything. The teachers in a class of this nature are the people who really make the
    class worth while- who make you actually want to work your ass off and produce something good.
    I think most will agree that it was probably the best thing that happened to us as students. Thanks for taking the time with
    everything and really treating us like filmmakers
    and not just as students.
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