DreamWorks, Los Angeles – Cinematic Expression

Cinematic Expression Workshop – Cinematic Mood / Lighting Style

Workshop demonstrates elements of film lighting for animators. Deconstructing Cinematic Mood into the Set Lighting elements of Cinematic Expression. Ambiance, Key Light, Fill Light, Camera Lens and Composition. Lighting Mood and Lighting Style. Role of Key Light direction in Lighting Style. Low Key Lighting vs High Key Lighting. Materials Lighting – Glass White Edge vs Black Edge Technique. Special Effects Lighting.

Composite Lighting – Adjusting Foreground Light to the Projected Background Image

Thorough analysis of the light as it appears in the background- projected image.
1. Identifying the 18% Mid-Grey area within an Image
2. Identifying Highlight and Shadow values with the Spot Meter
3. Analysis of the Direction and the Quality of Light
4. Lighting the Foreground around the value of the 18% Mid-Grey as identified in the projected background image

Lighting accomplished without help of the monitor

Lighting Special Effects – Cinematic Mood

Materials Lighting – Glass

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