Dancing with Light

Design of Cinematic Sequence needs to be Organic if it is to relate to the emotional and intellectual content of the scene. It can only happen when the chosen elements of cinematic expression are of homogeneous nature.
One wrong choice causes an effect similar to a false tone in music.
“Dancing with Light” technique addresses technical and creative aspects of Cinematic Expression. It is an expanded into motion and color version of Ansel Adams’ method of Zone System of Exposure and Previsualization. Zone System of Exposure is a foundation of the technique that helps to materialize mind images on film or video via the process of relating imagined values of brightnesses to zones of exposure.
Lighting is with the light meter. During the process, Mind Image is deconstructed into elements of cinematic expression: Light, Exposure, Lens, Color, Composition, Camera Angle/Movement and, captured on film/video.
Once accomplished, the camera and monitor are switched on to compare the resulting Image with the one visualized. Dancing with Light Technique guarantees exact translation of Mind Image into that of Film and Video.
Janusz designed designed the technique and has taught it at the University of Southern California, University of California, Dreamworks. Every summer, Light Extreme conducts “Dancing with Light” Film/Video Workshop in Florence, Italy.