AbelCine – Cinematic Expression

AbelCine has joined forces with Light Extreme to offer a two-day workshop covering technical and creative aspects of Cinematic Expression. The workshop includes hands-on practice and a demonstration of motion picture lighting methodology. The workshop covers the essential elements of Lighting Mood – Lighting Style, Exposure Ratio, Lighting Ratio, Light Quality, and Light Direction. At the AbelCine Cinematic Expression Workshop, Janusz Sikora demonstrates how Cinematographer executes a previsualized concept using a Light Meter rather than improvising with a monitor.

Cinematic Expression-Dancing with Light-Candle Light
Candle Light
Cinematic Expressin Workshop-Night Table Light Effect
Night Table Lamp Light
Abelcine Cinematic Expression Workshop
Setting up the shot with Sony Cam
AbelCine cinematic Expression Workshop
Talking logistics of Zone System Exposure
Lighting from Previsualization-Night Table Lamp Effect
Low KeyRembrandt
Measuring Light Value
Low Key Night Table Lamp

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