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"It's in this stone... I just need to bring it out"  Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475 - 1564)
Film Workshops Hollywood
Technical and Creative Aspects of Cinematic Expression

    Film Workshops. Technical and creative aspects of cinematic expression. Intensive hands-on with light and camera. Classes in
    cinematic expression and filmmaking are in small groups, taught by an award cinematographer. Students work with the professional
    camera, light and grip equipment.
    Filmmakers tell a Film Story with the tools of cinematography.... Light (Mood /Style), Lens (expressive attributes of each and different
    Focal Length), Camera (Position/ Type of Movement), Color (Expressive quality of Types of Color Contrast), Exposure (Zone System of
    Exposure) - to name the few on the technical - Production side of the engagement.

    Ultimately, it is about the relevance of technical and creative Choices that constitute of the ever so elusive quality in Art.
    In a Symphony, the instruments play different parts but when listened to by a listener (viewer) do constitute of one coherent piece.
    Lastly, the most important of it all - The Imagination. We need to be able to express the concept by following on its preconceived
    mental image.  A Film, is a form of art that due to its cost it precludes improvisation on the set. Once we enter the floor, it is all about
    the execution of the mind image. At the same time, one needs the flexibility to address logistical adjustments in moments of necessity.
    Our film workshops and film training are about a translating of the Mind Image into the language of film. It is about Lighting with the light
    meter from the image mind image. This in itself constitutes the true nature of the creative process as described by Michelangelo:
    "It's in this stone... I just need to bring It out".
    Anyone with a desire to move into a realm of beyond in visual expression encouraged to apply.