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Technical and Creative Elements of Cinematic Expression
Cinematic expression workshop
Light Extreme
Film Workshops - Cinematic Expression

    Film Workshops. Technical and creative elements of cinematic expression. Intensive hands-on with light and camera.
    The visual eloquence of a narrative film requires relevance between technical and artistic choices.
    Together they constitute not only of the visual eloquence but generally of the ever so elusive quality in art.
    The symbiosis of both is in the core of our film workshop approach.
    It is not about the technique alone but rather in its context with the motivation behind it.

    Lighting -      Cinematic Mood and Lighting Style. Challenge of Dynamic Low Key Lighting for actor's movement.
                         Lighting from previsualization without the help of monitor
    Camera -      Camera Position and Camera Movement. Choices and reasons. Camera Operating
    Lens -          "Psychological" attributes of the Lens Focal Length. Lens optical characteristics. Lens Perspective Distortion
    Exposure -    Zone System of Exposure - relevance in lighting from mind image
                         Choice of ISO  - effect on the distribution of values within the Film Latitude
    Color -          Color Meaning and Color Symbolism. "Psychological" attributes of Color Contrast
                         Physical (Newton) color versus the Spiritual color of Chakra

    The characteristic of the true nature of the creative process is that the artist follows on a preconceived idea. The method of
    artistic cinematic expression is no exception. Cinematographer expresses the concept by following on a preconceived idea
    in the form of a mental image. Once the cinematographer enters the floor, it should be all about the execution of the mental image.
    Our film workshops are about translating the Mind Image into the language of film. It is about Lighting with the light meter
    from the mental image without the necessity of confronting the monitor.
    Anyone with a desire to move into a realm of beyond in cinematic expression encouraged to apply.