Technical and Creative Elements of Cinematic Expression.
Lighting from previsualization with a Light meter defines the true nature of creative lighting in film.
The workshop’s purpose is to demonstrate the method in the creative process of Cinematic Expression. The preconceived F-stop for any Scene constitutes a cinematic canvas to be painted with light. The process involves translating imagined light values into F-Stops utilizing the Zone System of Exposure.
Once Cinematographer enters the Floor, it is about the execution of preconceived ideas rather than improvising.
Unfortunately, none of the essential elements of the Cinematic Expression – Light Quality, Light Direction, Contrast Ratio, Lighting Ratio, Choice of Lens, and Camera Movement – can be created in post-production.
To materialize one’s vision with a logical and proven method
leads to developing one’s personal style in cinematic expression. Seeing in one’s mind and the ability to materialize it without improvizing constitutes the true nature of the creative process in Cinematic Expression. It is an invaluable tool for Directors and Cinematographers in their pursuit of artistic self-expression. The issue of “What” is in the script. Director’s and Cinematographer’s job is to express it with Choices relating to the question of “Why” rather than “How.”
We aspire to contribute to students’ sense of cinematic eloquence at the workshops. Anyone desiring to enter the “realm of beyond” in cinematic expression is encouraged to get in touch.